[Samba] Slow Domain/Workgroup Browsing

Richard Lamboj richard.lamboj at bilcom.at
Tue Feb 2 04:47:41 MST 2010


what could be wrong, when Domain/Workgroup Browsing needs ~30 Seconds? When i 
click on a Samba PDC, or a Domain Member Server it appears in one Second, 
without any waiting time. If i take the IP, or Name of the Server it will 
also take only one Second and i can browse the shares.  Just Browsing in an 
Workgroup/Domain needs long. The automatic search for network printers, and 
shares is deactivated. There are no links in the Network Place to shares.

So Browsing Network Neighbourhood is slow...

We have many Computers in an NT4 Domain, but one doesn't appears in the 
Workgroup/Domain View from the Explorer. This Computer is Member in the 
Domain and has an Domain Account. A Login works also without Problem. Its 
just a little bit Strange.

nmblookup shows the Client on Broadcast and from the WINS.

Kind Regards

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