[Samba] Multi samba domain in one LDAP Backend with multi-site authentication

Thibault Vançon t.vancon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 02:02:25 MST 2010

Thanks Gaiseric for your answer,

I know this things about trust relashionship even if i still don't
have setup one, but we need to have only one LDAP backend, to allow
others applications to authenticate user with LDAP. We can't specifie
more than one backend in our application.

I've thought that i could create different OU with each domain, and
configure smbldap-tools and pam to work with this OU, with a base like
: dc=DOMAIN, dc=company, dc=com , and replicate this LDAP on other

But is it possible to use trust relationship with this kind of LDAP
structure ? will i need IDMAP ?



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