[Samba] File Permissions 770 vs 760

Fred Legace flegace at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 15:29:15 MST 2010

I hope I did not miss something obvious, but I am having some file
permission issues. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server. I have some
directories served up by Samba. I force a group name to be used for all
files created on these directories to which all users belong.

In one directory I need to force users to save files with 770 permission for
draft documents so that other users can work on them When finally ready to
publish the document, one of the users will save a copy with the permissions
set to 550 to maintain an archive of the file at that point in time.

My problem is if I use "create mode = 770", WinXP users can only manage a
760 permission setting,. That will not allow someone else in the group to
set the file to readonly from WinXP though. If I use "force create mode =
770" I cannot set the file to readonly from the WinXP client as it will
always be forced to be editable.

Any suggestions?

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