[Samba] Need Help Getting Windows XP To Use Samba Properly

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Tue Dec 28 15:48:15 MST 2010

> Excellent information, thank you.
> Unfortunately, none of it solved my problem.

Start sniffing the machine as you do a "Network Neighborhood" search.  
You might also check and see just where and how lookups are being done 
for NETBios from an XP box command terminal

nbtstat -r

which will tell you how lookups are being done.  Might lead you to a 
> I see a lot of "The specified network name is no longer available" 
> error messages all over the internet from Linux users, and none of the 
> very few solutions I have come across have worked for me.
> Anybody else able to chime in and take a guess as why my XP box is 
> having a problem talking to my Solaris/Samba box?  Again, Win2K has no 
> problems talking to the Samba box - it's just XP.
> Refresh:  This error happens when you try to browse using "My Network 
> Places" in the desktop.  Mapping works fine, access works fine.  
> Browsing is what fails in XP.  I need this to work or I'm looking at a 
> huge and expensive documentation change effort that few would 
> understand.
> Still desperate for help on this.  This problem happens with WinXP 
> right out of the box, we have nothing weird installed.
> Help!
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>> Other details:  I do not use a DNS server, I use the hosts file in XP.
> Yes, but NetBIOS desires the lmhosts file. See my ancient (but still
> valid) scribblings here:
> http://realcomputerguy.com/networksetup.htm#hosts
> Chris
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