[Samba] Need Help Getting Windows XP To Use Samba Properly

Hodges, Robert CTR USAF AFMC 520 SMXS/MXDEC robert.hodges.ctr at HILL.af.mil
Tue Dec 28 11:39:01 MST 2010

Hi everyone, new to the list.
My apologies if this issue has already been covered, but I am having the
following problem with Samba:
Using Windows XP as a client, I am trying to see a Solaris system as a
server.  Solaris is running Samba 2.4.2, and Windows 2000 sees it as a
server without any problems.
Windows XP, however, generates the error "The network name is no longer
available" when trying to browse to shares on the Solaris box.  Browsing
is what produces the error - otherwise, I can map to and access
resources directly with "\\servername\share".
Running the command "browstat status" on the WinXP box shows that the
Windows machine is not able to pull the server list from the Solaris
box.  Again, Windows 2000, however, works fine and does not have this
Desperate for help to get this resolved.

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