[Samba] still confused about domains and SIDs

Denis Fateyev denis at fateyev.com
Mon Dec 27 07:28:25 MST 2010


When creating a new samba domain, its domain SID usually goes from local SID
of this potential PDC. In other words, when you organize PDC on clean Samba,
it will adopt domain SID from machine's local SID. Therefore, it looks
likelocal SID and domain SID on PDC are equal.

BDC machines are usual client machines and domain members. They preserve
local SID and additionally adopt a domain SID, when join. There is no need
to change anything with local SID to join or exit from / to domain.

Basically, the difference between domain controllers (PDC, BDC) and usual
domain members, that they declare their role in the network. They have
different rights in SID area, where they were joined: DCs are full, others
are lesser.

The difference between PDC and BDC, that BDC isn't domain master browser and
will act as reserve. Additionally, for BDC it's allowed to act as domain
logon server.

wbr, Denis.

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