[Samba] printer drivers from windows 7 MMC?

Christ Schlacta lists at aarcane.org
Fri Dec 24 01:32:50 MST 2010

I found a fancy, easy (seeming) way to add printer drivers in windows 7 
since the old methods don't seem to work anymore.

if you run mmc, you can add a snapin called print management, which 
enables you to manage various things (drivers, forms, ports, and 
printers to be most important).  Problem is, I can't figure out how to 
use the "Drivers" method to add drivers.  I get a "Failed to add driver. 
Access is denied" error, can I can't figure fromwhere this error might 
be issued.  my laptop is ikari, so I tried to less 
/var/log/samba/log.ikari, but there were no errors relating to 
permission being denied..  my user is a member of the samba group 
"lpadmin", and the share has "write list = @lpadmin" and the directory 
it points to is chmod g+s and chgrp -R lpadmin.  far as I can tell I can 
write to this directory and there's no reason I shan't be able to 
accomplish this except the mysterious access denied error.

I tried adding the (Apparently deprecated) printer admin = @lpadmin 
option to the printer and print$ shares, but it didn't help.  I'll be 
removing it.  my google-fu couldn't find the replacement attribute.

so the question is..  what do I need to do?  is windows 7 incapable of 
doing this, or do I just need to somehow add the missing magic 
permission somewhere?

PS: This isn't a member of a domain, it's not currently related to my 
other domain issues, though the server will eventually be in the final, 
completed domain)

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