[Samba] Samba upgrade question

Chernoguz, Inessa Inessa.Chernoguz at lsi.com
Thu Dec 16 08:57:38 MST 2010

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From:   Chernoguz, Inessa
Sent:   Thursday, December 16, 2010 5:57 PM
To:     'samba at lists.samba.org'
Subject:        Samba upgrade question

Hi All,

I have a problem with upgrade samba on Solaris 10 (x86). The current version is 3.0.25b (distributed with Solaris 10). I am trying to upgrade version to 3.4.5. I compiled samba from sources, has not any problem with make and installation. Now I have 2 different versions and when I am running "svcadm enable samba" I am receiving old version.
The old version installed under: /usr/sfw/sbin, new one under /usr/sbin...

# /usr/sfw/sbin/smbd -V
Version 3.0.25a
# /usr/sbin/smbd -V
Version 3.4.5
# ps -ef | grep smbd
    root  7531  7305   0 17:55:32 pts/1       0:00 grep smbd
    root  6981  6979   0 15:19:58 ?           0:00 /usr/sfw/sbin/smbd -D
    root  6979     1   0 15:19:58 ?           0:00 /usr/sfw/sbin/smbd -D

Can you, please help me here?

Thanks a lot,

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