[Samba] samba - xp -ad issue

Jim Flanigan jflanign at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 15 07:38:32 MST 2010

I was hoping that someone has seen a similar problem to the one I am facing.

I have a samba 3 server connected to an windows domain.  All connections appear correct most of the users can connect via windows xp with no issue.  However there are a unlucky few whose work stations cannot connect.  All xp work stations are the same (at least as well as a large company can get). The user in question have ad accounts on the Linux server.  We use ad as the userid source and Kerberos authentication on the *nix machines.  So user I'd and passwords are not the issue.

The error received is that the network path is not available,  xp takes about 5 minutes to determine that the path is not available.  The issue does not appear to be location dependent.  Two users seated 10 feet from each other one will have the issue the other will not.  It appears as though the issue is workstation level.  I have turned on level of debugging info but nothing obvious stands out.

Are there an suggestions?


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