[Samba] Can PDC Samba affect client-client print sharing?

stelter at sonic.net stelter at sonic.net
Wed Dec 15 08:49:45 MST 2010

Hi All,
  I’ve been upgrading some machines and have introduced my first Windows 7 Pro box to my samba PDC domain.  It involved upgrading from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora core 14, but everything seems to be up and running now.

  I don’t think the last problem I’m battling is related to the samba, but I’m not entirely sure.  I’ve got 2 printers on my window 7 pro box and I want to be able to print to the printers from any one of 3 other XP Pro machines all on the domain (along with the win7pro box). The XP boxes can add network printer and see the printer and install the printer.  I configured both domain and home/work network sharing options on win7 and configured the sharing tab of each printer in win7.  I also added the x86 drivers so that the XP Boxes can auto-grab the drivers.  This all seems to be working as evidenced by the fact that I could *not* add one of the printers to one of the XP machines until I fixed the group policy for point to print on one of the XP machines—after I did that I could add the printer and it must have gotten the driver from the win7 box as it would have been nowhere else to be found.

  But my problem is that even though I can see the printer config property pages when I try to print (i.e. I can select printer trays and print quality unique to the printers)—when I actually press ‘print’ or try to print a test page, I always get a vague error of a failure offering me to use the troubleshooter which was unable to solve my problem.  I have another Win7 Home Premium 64bit box that *can* print to the printer via homegroup.

  So before I went bothering HP support or other printer forums (Googling left me dry) I thought I’d check here to see if anyone thinks the samba PDC might be somehow involved in authentication problems when it comes time to actually print.  Before the samba upgrade and the introduction of the win7pro box, both printers were hung off an XP Pro machine and all the other XP Pro could print to them, but I really suspect the win7 aspect of introducing this problem more than the samba upgrade.

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