[Samba] domain controller's unavailability

Vladimir Vassiliev vova at edu.yar.ru
Tue Dec 14 23:33:50 MST 2010

14.12.2010 21:32, TAKAHASHI Motonobu пишет:
> 2010/12/14 Vladimir Vassiliev<vova at edu.yar.ru>:
>> Is there any way to reliably setup winbind user and group resolution (in
>> either smb.conf or nsswitch.conf) so that domain controller's unavailability
>> doesn't cause slowdown of the whole system? That slowdown applies to every
>> program trying to fetch some user information even when it doesn't need
>> domain users.
> How about "winbind offline logon = yes" and  cached_login option for
> pam_winbind ?
> After 3.5.0, wbinfo --ccache-save command is also available.

Thanks for answer.
I don't use winbind and slowdown sometimes occurs with programs that don't use authentication at all 
(for example "getent passwd")

Vladimir Vassiliev

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