[Samba] Trust does not work anymore after upgrade to 3.4.9

Alexander Födisch foedisch at eva.mpg.de
Thu Dec 9 07:38:28 MST 2010

solved: I joined the PDC to it's own domain and it is working.
No idea, why I have to do this...

Am 06.12.2010 11:32, schrieb Alexander Födisch:
> Hi,
> I did upgrade from samba 3.0.28b to 3.4.9. Now the trust does not work anymore.
> When we try to reestablish the trust, we get an error:
> ldapmaster:/etc/openldap/schema # net rpc trustdom establish BIO
> Enter EVAN$'s password:
> Could not connect to server HEINBLOED
> Storing password for trusted domain failed.
> Google does not really help and logfiles (loglevl 10) do not tell me what is wrong. I also installed the new schema. Any
> ideas?
> Thanks a lot!
> Alex

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