[Samba] error in module acl: insufficient access rights (50)

dobrimaros at yahoo.pl dobrimaros at yahoo.pl
Tue Dec 7 09:41:09 MST 2010

Thanks for answer.

The error code is 50. Actually I can't check it by Wireshark because I don't have graphic interface on my server machine where's Samba4 running. 

Please give me a clue why it won't work. It's very important to me. Maybe I need to use SASL (but how? which mechanism should I use?).


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> wrote:
> > Andrew, yes, bind is successful, I can read records
> without any problems.
> Until very recently, we allowed reads by anonymous
> users.  Can you
> actually check the error code, and double-check with
> Wireshark, that the
> bind worked?
> > Anil, I don't think so, because even if I run the
> script with root privileges I'm getting the same error.
> changing the mode to 777 of anything is almost never the
> correct
> solution, and indeed yes, this isn't relevent for LDAP
> anyway. 
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