[Samba] Share Problem

Bruno MACADRE bruno.macadre at univ-rouen.fr
Mon Dec 6 06:28:59 MST 2010


	Like explained in my precedent mail (Permission Problems), I want to do 
a share (called partinfo) with basic behaviour :
	* everybody in group 'info' can create file into the share.
	* everybody in group 'info' can modify file into the share (not only 
owned files)
	* only owner of a file can delete it/rename it !

	I put a Sticky Bit on my share folder so I've got :

drwxrwx--T	root	info	.....	partinfo

	It works fine localy, but when I want to use the share, it doesn't work 
at all, 'cause when I modify a file, some applications (like Gedit, 
Word, ...) try to change the owner of the file... So I can't write...

	Anybody have any ideas or any tips ?


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