[Samba] Samba permission changes are not applied to active connections

George Rhoten grhoten at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 17:57:19 MDT 2010


I'm using Samba 3.4.2 with CTDB. If I remove a user from the valid users
list with "net conf setparm Share 'valid users' ..." on the server, and I
connect a new Windows client to the Samba server on Linux, I get a
permission denied for that user, which is correct behavior.

However, there is a problem for active connections. If I revoke access for a
user with a live connection to a share, the user can continue to modify
files.  Between a Windows server and client this type of change is
instantaneous.  So I'm seeing different behavior between what Samba/Windows
and Windows/Windows configurations.

The only alternative I've found is to kill the smbd process of any user
currently logged on, but I'm not sure which share they're connected to.  So
maybe I shouldn't be doing that.

Is there a reliable way to get Samba to pay attention to any permission
changes on live connections?


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