[Samba] Samba logs fill up disk with inotify errors, smbd 100% CPU

Valerie L. Magee vlmagee at mageenet.net
Tue Aug 24 06:17:57 MDT 2010

Please forgive me if direct email is not appropriate, but I am at my
wit's end.


I am running Kernel Previously, I was running 2.6.32.something
(don't know at this point). Samba is 3.4.8-59.


I have been getting the inotify errors on both the old and the new
Kernel, to the point that it filled my hard drive and made my Windows/XP
unrecoverable. It appears to only happen when I am running Outlook on my
Windows VM. Obviously, I normally run it all the time. Turning off
notification is not a reasonable option. To get Windows to run, we
restored to a version from June, but the inotify problem continued.


So far, we have replaced the PST that my repetitive emails are sorted
into, to eliminate the possibility that a corrupt PST is initiating a
Windows Outlook problem/loop. Our next step would be to start a new OST,
but that would put my email out of service for several hours as the OST
is rebuilt.


Nothing is wrong with the email messages involved.


This inotify issue has been around for a long time, but there seems to
be no resolution. Some of the comments in some of the forums suggest
that the message is a debug message and shouldn't even be produced, and
there were hints of a resolution for that. Is there one?


I have lost most of the last three days because of this, and I really
need some sort of resolution. After trying the OST rebuild, we would
start all over with Linux, but that will cost me the better part of
another day.


Can you help? I can put you in touch with my techie (husband and/or son)
if you want to work with them. They are both very knowledgeable.




Valerie Magee



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