[Samba] Join domain through direct registry manipulation?

David Mathog mathog at caltech.edu
Tue Aug 24 12:17:58 MDT 2010

Might it be possible to join a Windows machine to a Samba domain
by direct registry manipulation?  

As an experiment, on a test machine:

  (not in a domain)

  reg export HKLM >before_join.txt

  (join domain)

  reg export HKLM >pre_reboot.txt


  reg export HKLM >post_reboot.txt

The files created are unicode, with every other byte a null, and diff
didn't like these on my linux boxes.  Probably locale was set
incorrectly.  In any case, used my extract program (from here:


[nothing to do with digital rights management - those are my initials]
) to make them into plain text:

  extract -nr 1 -sc 3 -all -in post_reboot.txt -hnd >post_reboot.txt2
  extract -nr 1 -sc 3 -all -in before_join.txt -hnd >before_join.txt2
  extract -nr 1 -sc 3 -all -in pre_reboot.txt  -hnd >pre_reboot.txt2


  xxdiff before_join.txt2 post_reboot.txt2
  xxdiff before_join.txt2 pre_reboot.txt

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