[Samba] Moving Samba PDC to new machine

Donny Brooks dbrooks at mdah.state.ms.us
Mon Aug 23 13:23:54 MDT 2010

I am looking to move our current Samba primary domain controller to a new machine. The current machine is EOL, running Fedora 11 (old), and had way too many services on it to start with (mail, dns, samba, mysql replication, primary ldap, etc). I am looking to move to a Xen domu with either Fedora 13 or Centos 5.5. What my question is is this: 
what should I look for when I migrate the samba install to the new machine. 

We use OpenLDAP backend for authentication if that matters for anything. I will most likely keep the machine name the same but will change the IP. I know in the other servers that we have that rely on this one as the PDC I will need to change every reference of its IP address. But I am making sure there is not any "gotcha" deals.
Donny B.

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