[Samba] zfsacl and nfs4 settings

Stroh, George strohg at nwfsc.edu
Fri Aug 20 13:30:20 MDT 2010

Thank you very much for the information and configuration settings. Time
to start reading source code and header files.

I apologize for the top posting, haven't found out how to make outlook
bottom post.

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On 08/19/2010 10:33 AM, Stroh, George wrote:
> I am looking for where zfsacl settings such as, zfsacl: acesort =
> dontcare , are documented.
> Do I need NFS settings such as, nfs4: mode = simple , if I am not
> NFS? If I do, where are they documented?
> Thanks

Samba documentation seems to be a little lacking.    I had to open to a 
support case with sun to get some of the issues resolved.   Following 
there recommendations my share configs have

        vfs objects = zfsacl
         inherit permissions = Yes
         inherit acls = Yes
         nfs4:acedup = merge
         nfs4:chown = yes
         nfs4: mode = special
         zfsacl: acesort = dontcare

The zfsacl options may be burried somewhere in the Sun documentation.  
Although Sun seems to have lost interest in Samba.   The  vfs_zfsacl.c 
file has the following line

#include "nfs4_acls.h"

It looks like the options for zfsacl may be "inherited" from the nfs4

# pwd
.... samba-3.4.8/source3/modules
bash-3.00# grep dontcare *
nfs4_acls.c:enum smbacl4_acedup_enum {e_dontcare=0, e_reject=1, 
e_ignore=2, e_merge=3};
nfs4_acls.c:            { e_dontcare, "dontcare" },
nfs4_acls.c:            "acedup", enum_smbacl4_acedups, e_dontcare);
nfs4_acls.c:            if (pparams->acedup!=e_dontcare) {
README.nfs4acls.txt:acedup = [dontcare|reject|ignore|merge]
README.nfs4acls.txt:- dontcare: copy ACEs as they come, don't care with 
"duplicate" records. Default.

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