[Samba] add schema to samba4

Roland de Lepper roland.de.lepper at cvis.nl
Fri Aug 13 04:41:14 MDT 2010

Hi there,

I'm evaluating Samba4 at the moment. I installed it on CentOS and works
fine except dynamic dns isn't working, but that is not a big thing now. (I
already posted about this problem last week).

Now I'm also installed Zarafa (Email groupware) to integrate with Samba4.
I can send mail to local users now, so that's working fine too. Zarafa
comes with a zarafa.schema for Openldap. This zarafa.schema have to be
added to the ldap schema of samba4 for setting up user quota's.

I already looked at some binary files in /usr/local/samba/bin but couldn't
find a suitable binary which can do this (or I didn't search enough).

is there a way to add other schema's to Samba4?

Kind regards,

Roland de Lepper

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