[Samba] samba 4 dns-update issue

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org
Thu Aug 12 03:03:24 MDT 2010

Roland de Lepper wrote:
>I've setup samba4 according to the samba4 wiki on centOS 5.4 in KVM.
>This went without any problems. I only had to install a higher version
>bind to 9.6.x because Centos bind in repo will install version 9.3.x.
>I've used the Fedora12 source rpms for this to build bind 9.6.x on
>Then I configured bind according to the samba wiki
>I did all the check in the wiki to see if bind is working. All tests
>But in my logs a got the messages "The working directory is not
>I changed the owner on /var/named to the group named, which solved that
>Then i installed Win7 virtual in KVM and joined the domain. I can
>create users via dsa.msc tool on windows and see them in wbinfo -u on
>samba4 domain controller. All looks right, except for my ddns. The zone
>could not be updated with the new win7 machine. The win7 machine has a
>fixed ip-address.
>I checked all the howto again and again, but couldn't find a thing
>could cause this. The error I see in my log is:
>Aug 11 09:34:46 sambaserver named[2281]: client
>query 'roland.quinox.be/SOA/IN' denied
>Is this a permission problem? I check and the group 'named' has write
>access to my zone file. (the user 'named' is member of the group
>This is the only issue I have with my samba4 installation and I really
>want to solve this issue.
>If you need more information or configurations, i can post them.
>Kind regards,

I don't know the Samba side of this, but that looks like a permission
problem in the named.conf file.  Your main options section (or view, if
you're using views), should contain something like:

        allow-query     { localnets; };
        allow-query-cache { localnets; };

to tell bind that, yes, it is actually allowed to answer queries on your
local network.  Other subnets and IP ranges can be added alongside, or
instead of, "localnets" if necessary.

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