[Samba] AD to Kerberos + LDAP + NFS migration

tizo tizone at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 10:40:00 MDT 2010

Hi there,

We need some advise about making a migration from AD to Kerberos + LDAP +
NFS in our company.

The actual situation: we have 60 client hosts with Windows, authenticating
in a Windows 2003 server with Active Directory. We are starting to use and
independent authenticating system composed by Kerberos, OpenLDAP and NFS,
and there are 4 client hosts with Ubuntu using it.

The desired situation: all client hosts running Ubuntu, authenticating in
the new system.

We would like the migration to be unnoticed by the users: new users will use
the new system, accessing the same disk shares than Windows users, but
Windows users are not affected in any way.

Our first idea was:

• Configure a Debian host (or maybe another distro), using the new
authenticating system.
• Configure that host as a Domain Member Server of the AD (file server) with
Samba. Users of AD should be translated to the new authenticating system. I
think that this is possible, because AD users can be translated to Unix
users, and in this case Unix users would be the users from the new
authenticating system, am I right?.
• Share an ext3 (or maybe another file system type) partition with Samba.
• Share the same partition with NFS for the new users. Could this be done?
Will it be problematic?.

So, the questions are:

• What do you think about our idea?.
• Do you know any other way to achieve the unnoticed migration?

We could also consider change some details about the desired situation, in
case that there was an easy way to achieve it.

Thanks very much,


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