[Samba] No "Group Policy" tab in OU properties

Ong Chin Kiat titantoppler at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 21:45:32 MDT 2010

Hi all,

Recently I deployed a Samba 4 ADS, using this (
http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/HOWTO) as a guide.

Mostly it went well, until I came to the step of defining the group policy
for the OU.

I have an OU with users in them, and when I right-click on the OU container
and go to properties, I only have the following options:

- General
- Managed by
- COM+

I am therefore missing the "Group Policy" tab, and therefore cannot define
the policies.

FWIW, I also have problems with defining the profiles directory for users.
After defining the profile path for multiple users and clicking 'ok', the
path is blank again upon returning to the properties window, though I do not
know if this is related.

Thanks for your help!

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