[Samba] Samba4 questions (idmap, forest, inter-domain trust)

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 13:57:20 MDT 2010

  Hello everyone,

I am trying to go after learning Samba4 from two directions. Code and 
implementing it. (If you know Samba4, please help me answer the 
questions after the brief explanation.)

I have used the following scenario before, it is real and a way for me 
to learn things:

My siblings and I are setting up some family services (over VPN, etc.). 
There are X of us, including 1 being parents.

So, we have X families. We are wanting these to do inter-domain trusts, 
or just forest level trust.

Family X

Should all trust one another.

Q1: How do I set the Unix uid/gid range in Samba4 for the local domain? 
Is it possible before the first user is created?

Q2: As I understand it, there are no inter-domain trusts yet with 
Samba4, is this accurate? Is it planned?

Q3: As I understand it, Samba4 doesn't do forests yet. Is this accurate? 
Is it planned?

Q4: If I setup the domains now with Samba4, can they be converted to a 
forest or setup with trusts later when it is supported?

Thank you,
Trever Adams

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