[Samba] getent acting unreliable with idmap_ad

Robert Grasso robert.grasso at cedrat.com
Mon Aug 2 03:32:49 MDT 2010

Hello Nico,

I am unsure I will be able to help you further with this topic, I am not a Samba nor AD master ...

> I already list my servers in "password server =", altough I 
> do have the
> impression that Samba may have problems with my 2008R2 
> servers. I'll try
> playing with the settings.

I cannot tell for 2008R2, we don't have this version yet ...

> > - I stated clearly my /etc/krb5.conf
> Do you mean fill in /etc/krb5.conf properly or should I refer to it
> somewhere in the smb.conf file?  I'm sure my krb5.conf is correct is I
> was using it in my old setup using kerberos+ldap authentication.  I
> found some reference on the Internet to an smb.conf variable "use
> kerberos keytab = yes" however this doesn't seem to be accepted for
> Samba 3.4.7

I just filled it up properly, but did not mention Kerberos in any way in smb.conf

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