[Samba] SAMBA and SMB Signing

Kartchner, Val Civ USAF AFMC 519 SMXS/MXDEA Val.Kartchner at HILL.af.mil
Thu Aug 5 17:42:49 MDT 2010


We're working on setting up a SAMBA server, but it is not working.
There is a standard configuration for our Windows Vista machines.  With
the previous configuration of Windows Vista ("Alice") it connects to the
SAMBA fine.  However, the latest Windows Vista configuration ("Bob")
will contact the SAMBA server, send the required password then just stop

We have been sniffing the packets between various configurations and
found two differences in the last message from client to server:
"Canonicalized path names" and "Security Signature" bits are both set on
Bob but unset on Alice.  We have confirmed that the "Security Signature"
bit is the problem by using the instructions on page 5 of
WP_SMBsigning.pdf" to turn off SMB signing.  Bob will then work with the
SAMBA server.  However, turning this off on an actual Windows Vista
system is NOT an allowed option for us.  I have found requests on some
mailing lists asking how to enable SMB signing in SAMBA, but no replies
telling how to do it.  I have also searched for SAMBA configuration
options but have not found any way to enable it.

How is SMB signing enabled in SAMBA?


Val Kartchner

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