[Samba] [3.4.7/Ubuntu 10.04] Can modify but not create/delete

Gilles gilles.ganault at free.fr
Sun Aug 1 04:37:01 MDT 2010

On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 12:02:43 -0400, Christian PERRIER
<bubulle at debian.org> wrote:
>Look in log files in /var/log/samba, there should be indications
>there. Eventually raise the log level to 3 before doing so.

Thanks, I figured it out:

1. Since 'smbpassd - "www-data"' triggered an error, I simply added
user "gilles" to group "www-data" which owns /var/www/

2. Edited /etc/samba/smb.conf:
;guest account = www-data

comment = WWW directory
path = /var/www
browsable = yes
;guest ok = yes ;access will be permitted as the default guest user
read only = no
;create mask = 0755
available = yes
public = yes
writable = yes
create mask = 0644

I can now create and delete files.

BTW, since I understand that there two levels in access rights (Samba
and Linux), is there a utility that checks this and shows what a given
user can do on a Samba share?

Thanks for the help.

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