[Samba] Windows7 able to join Samba4-alpha12 domain, but unable to manage

Tobias Schliebitz tobias.schliebitz at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 29 00:03:12 MDT 2010

Dear all,

after switching from Samba4-alpha10 to -alpha12, it is no longer 
possible to manage user accounts via the RSAT on Windows 7 Professional. 
The program says that name information can't be retrieved, because the 
domain controller isn't configured properly (or the like, I read it in 
German). However, joining the domain and logging in with administrator 
or simple user account is working perfectly.

Another, possibly connected, problem is that DNS dynamic updates don't 
work, because I'm unable to compile bind with gssapi support. (Slackware 
13 coming with a quite outdated bind 9.4 or something). I've found no 
how-to regarding this on the net and I'm quite out of my wits here.

Any hint would be appreciated,

Tobias Schliebitz

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