[Samba] user's profiles relating to each version of Windows

Wojciech Giel wojtekgiel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 10:45:46 MDT 2010


I have samba 3.4.3 PDC/LDAP server with roaming profiles. Unfortunatelly I
have to add to domain windows 7 and vista so I thought that it would be good
if I separate profiles based on Windows version. So i Have added this to my

logon script = scripts\logon.bat
logon home = \\THOR\%U\windows
logon path = \\THOR\%U\windows\.profiles\%a
logon drive = H:

I'm adding users with smbldap-tools. I have changed also smbldap.conf to


pdbedit -L -v

Home Directory: \\THOR\user\windows
HomeDir Drive: H:
Logon Script: scripts\logon.bat
Profile Path: \\THOR\user\windows\.profiles\%a

but when i logout instead of creating WinXP or win2k3 etc. samba creates
'%a' directory.

what is wrong with this configuration I can't find any usefull information
to fix it?


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