[Samba] Snow Leopard and Samba

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Tue Apr 20 15:20:15 MDT 2010

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 04:49:19PM -0400, Gary Dale wrote:
>> jjrowan wrote:
>>> A customer has an expanding number of Mac computers.  Last Friday and  
>>> existing machine started having problems writing files to a Samba  
>>> share on a CentOS 5.x server.  They had no problems prior to Friday.   
>>> They are getting permission failure errors in creating files and  
>>> folders.  I made the sare owned by the user and group with group write  
>>> enabled.  Even with him as the owner he can not write to the share.  I  
>>> stopped / started Samba, same problem.  I had him reconnect, same  
>>> problem.  Even had him reboot his Mac but problem persists.  I ran  
>>> Wireshark traces but the session generates 30 to 40 thousand packets  
>>> and I am unable to find the packets that might pinpoint why he now has  
>>> problems writing to the server.   I just ran a yum update of the  
>>> CentOS server and it downloaded samba-common-3.0.33-3.15.  I don't  
>>> know if this release fixes my problem.  Has anyone else had problems  
>>> with OS/X writing to a Samba share AFTER it's been working for for a  
>>> while (in my case 2 months)?
>> With respect to Mr. Allison, figuring out what changed isn't always  
>> simple. Sometimes it can be something that is only peripherally  
>> connected to Samba, such as a DNS server upgrade.
> Sorry, it was a snarky comment and I apologise. I'd just had to talk
> my brother through a similar "it's all broken and *nothing* changed"
> tech problem over the phone :-).
I think we've all been there too many times.  :)

I was just talking to a customer's tech guy about a program I sold them. 
Their tech support guy somehow believed my program would have their 
membership database in its install directory.  And let's not forget all 
the times I get a "I can't connect to the server" call, which I answer 
with "is the server turned on?"  :)

>> In general, the Unix permissions need to be permissive enough to allow  
>> Samba to control the access. You may also want to check that the users  
>> are actually logging on. Try checking the Samba logs to see if there is  
>> a problem being reported. If that doesn't work, set the Samba loglevel  
>> to 10, restart Samba and try again.
> Good advice, and getting debug level 10 logs will definitely isolate
> the problem, if you can interpret them.
> Jeremy
Thanks for all the work you do on Samba and on the support lists. Can't 
wait for v4 to become production-ready.

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