[Samba] Snow Leopard and Samba

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Tue Apr 20 14:49:19 MDT 2010

jjrowan wrote:
> A customer has an expanding number of Mac computers.  Last Friday and 
> existing machine started having problems writing files to a Samba 
> share on a CentOS 5.x server.  They had no problems prior to Friday.  
> They are getting permission failure errors in creating files and 
> folders.  I made the sare owned by the user and group with group write 
> enabled.  Even with him as the owner he can not write to the share.  I 
> stopped / started Samba, same problem.  I had him reconnect, same 
> problem.  Even had him reboot his Mac but problem persists.  I ran 
> Wireshark traces but the session generates 30 to 40 thousand packets 
> and I am unable to find the packets that might pinpoint why he now has 
> problems writing to the server.   I just ran a yum update of the 
> CentOS server and it downloaded samba-common-3.0.33-3.15.  I don't 
> know if this release fixes my problem.  Has anyone else had problems 
> with OS/X writing to a Samba share AFTER it's been working for for a 
> while (in my case 2 months)?
With respect to Mr. Allison, figuring out what changed isn't always 
simple. Sometimes it can be something that is only peripherally 
connected to Samba, such as a DNS server upgrade.

In general, the Unix permissions need to be permissive enough to allow 
Samba to control the access. You may also want to check that the users 
are actually logging on. Try checking the Samba logs to see if there is 
a problem being reported. If that doesn't work, set the Samba loglevel 
to 10, restart Samba and try again.

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