[Samba] Point'n'print support of various printer drivers

ray klassen julius_ahenobarbus at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 17 16:02:07 MDT 2010

The problem is always when a printer driver makes a call to a windows dll on the server which the linux server can't respond to. Wish the driver developers would brain up...

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To: Roel van Meer <rolek at bokxing.nl>; samba at lists.samba.org
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Subject: Re: [Samba] Point'n'print support of various printer drivers

Roel van Meer wrote:
> We're using Point'n'print with different versions of samba (3.3.x, 3.4.x, 3.5.x) and in most cases it works really well. However, there are some printer drivers with which we just cannot get printing to work properly: in these cases not all driver features (like color, duplex or multiple copies) are available.
> I was wondering if this is a known inherent problem with some printer drivers, or if this is caused by samba not supporting specific methods or other requirements that these drivers would have.
> The reason I'm asking is that I would like to know whether or not it's useful filing bugs for these issues. I already have test setups and I'm willing and able to spend time helping debug these issues, but if this is one of those things that'll just never work it's not really useful bothering anyone with it.
> Examples of drivers that we can't get to work properly are the Brother HL4040-CN and various drivers from HP (the bundled Windows drivers for HP printers usually work fine.)
Great question +1.  All our lexmark drivers work like a charm.

Xerox drivers are a PITA.  I'm referring to vendor specific drivers, since Windows does not have a bundle for the newest Xerox models we have.  I was also considering filing bug reports for these.
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