[Samba] know who is writing on this moment.

etorres at dap.es etorres at dap.es
Fri Apr 16 09:25:38 MDT 2010

I do not understand it very well.
I have a samba server of 100 users online. I have 2 repositories /
opt/data1 and / opt/data2. At 10:00 / opt/data1 had 70GB free and at 11:00
had 2Gb free.

How I can know who wrote that?
Where is written?

May have multiple users, for example.

>> What has happened to me is that someone has been copied and the disc has
>> no space left and now I can not know who it was.
> you may want to look at the file owner or do you force all incoming
> users to a single user-id? other than that if you know the filename,
> smbstatus gives you the process and uid that has that file open, with
> that and smbstatus you can identify the user and machine the access
> comes from.
>   bernd

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