[Samba] Samba 4 smb.conf parameters

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Wed Apr 14 23:46:28 MDT 2010

> The Samba4 fileserver code doesn't have the same parameters
> as the Samba3 fileserver code. Hopefully this will be fixed
> when the merge of the Samba3 fileserver code into Samba4
> happens. See here:
> http://news.samba.org/developers/Samba_Team_Blog_3/
> for details on the plan.
> Jeremy.
Hello Jeremy,

according to the blog
"we believe this may be possible to achieve in 2010.".

Is this target still achievable ?
It is important for us, because we are one of the few places that did 
not migrate to AD.


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