[Samba] browsing across subnets/vpn

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Wed Apr 14 01:10:08 MDT 2010

	I am setting up a client with vpn to access a samba share. 
The samba server (which is both file and WINS server) is also the vpn 
machine, so nothing too complicated as far as routing goes, and the 
vpn stuff (openvpn stuff) all seems to work fine, client can manually 
log into shares by specifying the name and vpn interface address of 
the share.
	I am using layer three bridging (IP over a tun interface), 
not layer two (ethernet over a tap interface)
	But what I would need to do to allow clients to browse shares 
on this one machine.
	Is there a way to configure the Windows client (and samba if 
necessary) to allow browsing of shares, without switching everything 
over to ethernet bridging (which seems a lot to do do for  simple 
	I assume this is, at heart, a fairly simple browsing across 
subnets question. Please forgive my cluelessness.

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