[Samba] Winbind is kill me too

ptmusta ptmusta at utu.fi
Mon Apr 12 04:43:47 MDT 2010

12.4.2010 6:48, Todd And Margo Chester kirjoitti:
> Hi All,
> Do I even need winbind?

Is there somewhere some information about troubleshootin winbind ?
Winbind doesn't work at all in my server.

With 'winbindd -d10' I find in the end of the log.winbindd _14_ lines 
like this:

[2010/04/12 09:51:15,  5] lib/charcnv.c:82(charset_name)
   Substituting charset 'UTF-8' for LOCALE

If I give 'locale' I get _14_ lines too. So it seems, that Winbind goes 
through the locales and then hangs.
It would be nice to know, what does it try here next. -What is the thing 
which should happend.

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