[Samba] Upgrading 3.2.15 to 3.3.12 sernet package on opensuse 10.2

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Sat Apr 10 01:11:33 MDT 2010

  Dear all, I have samba 3.2.15 PDC running with an openldap backend and
smbd4wins on the same host. There is also a BDC the same as my PDC. After I
did an update to 3.3.12 on my BDC this worked on the fly without problems.
Then I went on doing the same update on my PDC with the result of chaos. No
user was able to logon anymore , when I did a smbclient -L mypdc -N it was
extremely slow, and my whole domain was down. After a few hours searching
for the reasons, I only saw an error with the samba talking to my openldap
on my PDC (this error was definitly not on my BDC with quiet the same
configuration) that searching the ldap database. At the end the only way to
solve this was to downgrade again to 3.2.15. Is there a way to upgrade a
samba PDC to 3.3.12 without fail!? Greetings Daniel  

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