[Samba] RHEL 5 compilation of Samba 3.5.2, termcap library problem, use '--no-as-needed'

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 17:43:12 MDT 2010

There have been various reports of the difficulties compiling Samba
3.5.x on RHEL 5 and other older operating systems, due to the failure
to correctly load the 'termcap' libraries. The issue is described in
various sources as involving the automaticlaly included GCC option:
'--as-needed' failes to detect the dependencies and add the termcap

There are two graceful fixes for this: one is to add a
'--with-termcap' test to configure.in. The other is to edit
configure.in to change the '--as-needed' flag to '--no-as-needed', at
least on platforms that have this issue. I've written a quick and
dirty .spec file for RHEL 5, which I'm happy to post. It's built from
the Fedora 12 SRPM and .spec file, and also rearranges the
'BuildRequires' to work for RHEL 5 if the RPM settings match that

Does anyone want it for testing, or is in a better position than me to
host RHEL compatible updates for Samba and could use this? CentOS
isn't prepared, I think, to jump *that* far ahead of RHEL with this.

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