[Samba] how to mount shares as a user without mount.cifs setuid

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Thu Apr 8 12:08:01 MDT 2010

Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Gary Dale (garydale at rogers.com):
>> Now perhaps I'm missing something, but I have no trouble with users
>> mounting nfs shares. The idea that users can't mount cifs shares
>> strikes me as odd and an unnecessary impediment.
> How about turning the binary we provide in Debian to setuid on the
> systems where you want it to be this way, by using
> dpkg-statoverride(8)?
Actually, I was just responding to Nico's assertion that disabling 
setuid is a seatbelt. The idea that mounting shares should be restricted 
to root is, imho, a cure that is worse than the disease.  :)

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