[Samba] how to mount shares as a user without mount.cifs setuid

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Wed Apr 7 23:34:55 MDT 2010

Quoting Jeff Layton (jlayton at samba.org):

> It's also worthwhile to note that I've recently re-enabled the ability
> to run mount.cifs as a setuid root program in the latest cifs-utils
> release:
> http://linux-cifs.samba.org/cifs-utils/
> ...you may want to switch to using that instead if you need the ability
> to use mount.cifs in this way.

cifs-utils 4.2 has yet to be packaged for Debian

Will we decide to re-enable setuid? We already have a bug report
asking for this..:-)


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