[Samba] Does control of NFS4 ACL's from NetApps work for RHEL Samba servers with Windows XP clients at all?

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 05:50:37 MDT 2010

Good morning!

I'm reviewing some corporate storage setups involving NetApps, where
the NetApp stores what they call "UNIX Qtrees". So far, so good: those
allow the setting of access to the data with NFS4 ACL's, which are
fairly sophisticated and allow multiple groups or even multiple users
to be granted write access.or read access, besides the normal UNIX
group owner. That works fine.

But we'd like Windows clients to be able to *read* this information.
Not necessarily to be able to reset it, although that would be nice.
But to *read* the directory and file permissions and see who owns it.
The groups and users are synced between the Active Directory domain
and the NetApp's with fairly sophisticated NIS middleware, but the
Windows CIFS clients can't see the details of file ownership. I've
noted some discussion in the mailing list logs for NFS4 ACL patches
but I'm not aware of anyone reporting on this feature.

My first tests with Samba 3.0.33 or the "samba3x-3.3.8" package on
RHEL 5 don't seem to show any improvements. But I'm not sure if there
are more recent releases, or flags I should be using, to make that
security data visible to Windows users. Does anyone here have
suggestions on upgrades or settings to support this? Or even know if
it's feasible?

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