[Samba] unix exts / wide links / symlinks

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Wed Apr 7 04:42:31 MDT 2010

Volker Lendecke wrote
> If you asked me, I would support that.
> insecure wide links and unix extensions = yes

	If I catch your drift -- we might be saying same --

if I specify 'wide links = true' or ' = insecurely_true,
the former could change a '_non-specified_ default for unix extensions to "off"
but generate an error if both are specified.

if I use the 'insecurity_true' could again force unix extensions to off as default, but
if user explicitly specifies both, then they are knowingly turning on
both options and only in that case would they get the old behavior.

In my setup my root dir is shared via samba, so wide links are not
a security issue.   I.e.  In my situation, a bug was created -- no security
issue was fixed.  

> or so. Now you have to convince Jeremy to also accept it :-)
	Hopefully he'll convince himself -- my convincing skill are
as likely as not to offput someone...;-)


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