[Samba] unix exts / wide links / symlinks

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Wed Apr 7 03:33:25 MDT 2010

Linda W put forth on 4/6/2010 6:44 PM:

> 	As it stands -- with any autodate, or any update, I load from my vendor,
> I will find my whole setup failing -- as these links are key to my setup working.
> I'll have to recompile every update the instant it hits -- and if autoupdate is
> turned on  -- the first I'll see is no client being able to access their personal
> Documents folder -- which is put in a separate location for various administrative
> reasons.

The Debian Linux package manager system allows the OP to "pin" certain
packages so they are left alone during updates.  IIRC, you can also
configure it to notify you when a new version of a pinned package is
available, so you can take any necessary action.  I.e. if the package update
is due to a security issue, you can go ahead manually roll a new copy with
your custom patches and install it.  If the update isn't a security fix, but
a feature update you don't really need, you can ignore the situation until
the next security update comes along, saving yourself some of the rebuild

This obviously isn't an optimal solution either as it still requires some
manual work.  But it's a bit better than the situation you describe.  Does
your distro's package manager have a package pinning feature?

Have you looked for a non-vendor package with the feature you need
maintained by a third party?  That may be an option as well.  Have you
checked to see if your Linux vendor maintains a version of the samba package
with feature, but it's not made available via the standard channels?

If more than a handful of people need a feature, in the Linux world, usually
someone is maintaining a copy someone around the globe.

None of these possible solutions are perfect, but one or more of them may be
a little better than your current situation.


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