[Samba] question difference of roaming profile between WinXP and Win7

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Tue Apr 6 18:17:45 MDT 2010

John Drescher wrote:
> Also. They can NOT point to the same path. That was the point of
> having a .v2. Vista+ and XP profiles are not compatible with each
> other.
	What part is incompatible? Or is it known?  
This this is something that I ran into as well, but didn't have
time to chase down.  But I was disturbed to see my different clients
now using different profiles when before I could share the same home

Now, files that once were insync in the different profiles
are growing out of sync.

Most changes I make in one profile, I want to show
up in my other profile.  This used to be 'automatic'.  

Now they are out of sync with each other...

	Anyway to resync them?  For common subdirs, I might be able to
use a widelinked dir out of either profile to the shared subdirs, but
for individual files...would be a pain to symlink each to a single source on 
the server, not to mention unwieldy.  

	Wondered why MS insisted on making my
home shares named "user.V2" when that wasn't their
real name, and "user" had worked fine before.

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