[Samba] chgrp work-around thingy

Todd E Thomas thomas at ssiresults.com
Sat Apr 3 17:13:39 MDT 2010

I have 2 user groups accessing documents in /export/docs: staff and exec.

I need to give users in the group 'staff' the ability to create folders 
and documents in /export/docs.

On creation of (either) folders or documents in /export/docs, all items 
should be owned by their respective creators AND users in the 'exec' 
group; thus:

# ll /export/docs/
-rwxrwxr--   user1   exec   0 Apr  3 17:36 asdf.txt

Again, user1 is a member of the group 'staff' but when creating files 
and folders in the docs directory they belong to owner/exec/other.

Additionally, only the respective owner of the files and anyone in exec 
should be able to read/write, but permissions for 'other' should be 

I used force group in the docs share from the smb.conf man page but I 
must have done something wrong. I seem to be dancing around my target 
without hitting it. I'm ok on the permissions, just not sure about the 
group part of it.

What is the proper way to accomplish this?

Thanks for the assist,

Todd E Thomas
C: 515.778.6913
"It's a frail music knits the world together."
-Robert Dana

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