[Samba] ?: winbind dont start

Mistofeles ptmusta at utu.fi
Thu Apr 1 05:59:43 MDT 2010

26.3.2010 14:56, Mistofeles kirjoitti:
Still the same problem. WINBINDD does not start.
Even winbindd -d10 doesn't stops.
After I have stopped it with Ctrl-C, I can see in /var/log/samba the 
same message repeated tens of times in one second:

/log.winbind the last line is [2010/04/01 14:28:44,  5] 
   Substituting charset 'UTF-8' for LOCALE

nothing after that in the log.winbindd

Is there some way to see, what is causing the problem. I have tried to 
google with every possible keyword and found nothing.

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