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Sun Sep 6 16:29:27 MDT 2009

bar:/data # smbclient //bar/Documents -U Fernando2%fernando2
Domain=3D[FOOBAR] OS=3D[Unix] Server=3D[Samba 3.4.2-2.1-2229-SUSE-CODE11]
smb: \> mkdir mydir
smb: \> ls
  .                                   D        0  Wed Nov 11 17:52:32 2009
  ..                                  D        0  Wed Nov 11 17:49:30 2009
  mydir                               D        0  Wed Nov 11 17:52:32 2009

                36381 blocks of size 131072. 16831 blocks available
smb: \>

but from windows xp called Fernando2 still can't access the shared folder
until samba and winbind services are restarted
I tried reload services but didn't work=2C I also have wait 30 minutes but =
no update was done.

Is there a command to send all group changes to win clients from linux?
Is a missed parameter?
is this a feature not implemented?

Thanks in advance

 Fernando Torrez

my smb.conf file: testparm -sv

    dos charset =3D CP850
    unix charset =3D utf8
    display charset =3D LOCALE
    workgroup =3D FOOBAR
    realm =3D=20
    netbios name =3D BAR
    netbios aliases =3D=20
    netbios scope =3D=20
    server string =3D bar
    interfaces =3D eth1=2C lo
    bind interfaces only =3D Yes
    security =3D USER
    auth methods =3D=20
    encrypt passwords =3D Yes
    update encrypted =3D No
    client schannel =3D Auto
    server schannel =3D Auto
    allow trusted domains =3D Yes
    map to guest =3D Never
    null passwords =3D No
    obey pam restrictions =3D No
    password server =3D *
    smb passwd file =3D /etc/samba/smbpasswd
    private dir =3D /etc/samba
    passdb backend =3D ldapsam:ldap://bar.foobar.tld
    algorithmic rid base =3D 1000
    root directory =3D=20
    guest account =3D nobody
    enable privileges =3D Yes
    pam password change =3D No
    passwd program =3D=20
    passwd chat =3D *new*password* %n\n *new*password* %n\n *changed*
    passwd chat debug =3D No
    passwd chat timeout =3D 2
    check password script =3D=20
    username map =3D /etc/samba/smbusers
    password level =3D 0
    username level =3D 0
    unix password sync =3D No
    restrict anonymous =3D 0
    lanman auth =3D No
    ntlm auth =3D Yes
    client NTLMv2 auth =3D No
    client lanman auth =3D No
    client plaintext auth =3D No
    preload modules =3D=20
    dedicated keytab file =3D=20
    kerberos method =3D default
    map untrusted to domain =3D No
    log level =3D 10
    syslog =3D 0
    syslog only =3D No
    log file =3D /var/log/samba/%m
    max log size =3D 50
    debug timestamp =3D Yes
    debug prefix timestamp =3D No
    debug hires timestamp =3D No
    debug pid =3D No
    debug uid =3D No
    debug class =3D No
    enable core files =3D Yes
    smb ports =3D 139
    large readwrite =3D Yes
    max protocol =3D NT1
    min protocol =3D CORE
    min receivefile size =3D 0
    read raw =3D Yes
    write raw =3D Yes
    disable netbios =3D No
    reset on zero vc =3D No
    acl compatibility =3D auto
    defer sharing violations =3D Yes
    nt pipe support =3D Yes
    nt status support =3D Yes
    announce version =3D 4.9
    announce as =3D NT
    max mux =3D 50
    max xmit =3D 16644
    name resolve order =3D wins bcast hosts
    max ttl =3D 259200
    max wins ttl =3D 518400
    min wins ttl =3D 21600
    time server =3D Yes
    unix extensions =3D Yes
    use spnego =3D Yes
    client signing =3D auto
    server signing =3D No
    client use spnego =3D Yes
    client ldap sasl wrapping =3D plain
    enable asu support =3D No
    svcctl list =3D=20
    deadtime =3D 0
    getwd cache =3D Yes
    keepalive =3D 300
    lpq cache time =3D 30
    max smbd processes =3D 0
    paranoid server security =3D Yes
    max disk size =3D 0
    max open files =3D 1024
    socket options =3D TCP_NODELAY
    use mmap =3D Yes
    hostname lookups =3D No
    name cache timeout =3D 660
    ctdbd socket =3D=20
    cluster addresses =3D=20
    clustering =3D No
    load printers =3D Yes
    printcap cache time =3D 750
    printcap name =3D CUPS
    cups server =3D=20
    cups connection timeout =3D 30
    iprint server =3D=20
    disable spoolss =3D No
    addport command =3D=20
    enumports command =3D=20
    addprinter command =3D=20
    deleteprinter command =3D=20
    show add printer wizard =3D No
    os2 driver map =3D=20
    mangling method =3D hash2
    mangle prefix =3D 1
    max stat cache size =3D 256
    stat cache =3D Yes
    machine password timeout =3D 604800
    add user script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-useradd -m "%u"
    rename user script =3D=20
    delete user script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-userdel "%u"
    add group script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-groupadd -p "%g"
    delete group script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-groupdel "%g"
    add user to group script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-groupmod -m "%u" "%g"
    delete user from group script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-groupmod -x "%u" "%=
    set primary group script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-usermod -g "%g" "%u"
    add machine script =3D /usr/sbin/smbldap-useradd -w "%u"
    shutdown script =3D=20
    abort shutdown script =3D=20
    username map script =3D=20
    logon script =3D logon.bat
    logon path =3D=20
    logon drive =3D=20
    logon home =3D=20
    domain logons =3D Yes
    init logon delayed hosts =3D=20
    init logon delay =3D 100
    os level =3D 65
    lm announce =3D Auto
    lm interval =3D 60
    preferred master =3D Yes
    local master =3D Yes
    domain master =3D Yes
    browse list =3D Yes
    enhanced browsing =3D Yes
    dns proxy =3D Yes
    wins proxy =3D No
    wins server =3D=20
    wins support =3D Yes
    wins hook =3D=20
    kernel oplocks =3D Yes
    lock spin time =3D 200
    oplock break wait time =3D 0
    ldap admin dn =3D cn=3DManager=2Cdc=3Dfoobar=2Cdc=3Dtld
    ldap delete dn =3D Yes
    ldap group suffix =3D ou=3DGroups
    ldap idmap suffix =3D ou=3DIdmap
    ldap machine suffix =3D ou=3DComputers
    ldap passwd sync =3D no
    ldap replication sleep =3D 1000
    ldap suffix =3D dc=3Dfoobar=2Cdc=3Dtld
    ldap ssl =3D no
    ldap ssl ads =3D No
    ldap timeout =3D 15
    ldap connection timeout =3D 2
    ldap page size =3D 1024
    ldap user suffix =3D ou=3DUsers
    ldap debug level =3D 0
    ldap debug threshold =3D 10
    eventlog list =3D=20
    add share command =3D=20
    change share command =3D=20
    delete share command =3D=20
    preload =3D=20
    lock directory =3D /var/lib/samba
    state directory =3D /var/lib/samba
    cache directory =3D /var/lib/samba
    pid directory =3D /var/run/samba
    utmp directory =3D=20
    wtmp directory =3D=20
    utmp =3D No
    default service =3D=20
    message command =3D=20
    get quota command =3D=20
    set quota command =3D=20
    remote announce =3D=20
    remote browse sync =3D=20
    socket address =3D
    homedir map =3D auto.home
    afs username map =3D=20
    afs token lifetime =3D 604800
    log nt token command =3D=20
    time offset =3D 0
    NIS homedir =3D No
    registry shares =3D No
    usershare allow guests =3D No
    usershare max shares =3D 0
    usershare owner only =3D Yes
    usershare path =3D /var/lib/samba/usershares
    usershare prefix allow list =3D=20
    usershare prefix deny list =3D=20
    usershare template share =3D=20
    panic action =3D=20
    perfcount module =3D=20
    host msdfs =3D Yes
    passdb expand explicit =3D No
    idmap backend =3D ldap:ldap://bar.foobar.tld
    idmap alloc backend =3D=20
    idmap cache time =3D 604800
    idmap negative cache time =3D 120
    idmap uid =3D 10000-20000
    idmap gid =3D 10000-20000
    template homedir =3D /home/%D/%U
    template shell =3D /bin/false
    winbind separator =3D \
    winbind cache time =3D 300
    winbind reconnect delay =3D 30
    winbind enum users =3D Yes
    winbind enum groups =3D Yes
    winbind use default domain =3D No
    winbind trusted domains only =3D No
    winbind nested groups =3D Yes
    winbind expand groups =3D 1
    winbind nss info =3D template
    winbind refresh tickets =3D No
    winbind offline logon =3D No
    winbind normalize names =3D No
    winbind rpc only =3D No
    comment =3D=20
    path =3D=20
    username =3D=20
    invalid users =3D=20
    valid users =3D=20
    admin users =3D=20
    read list =3D=20
    write list =3D=20
    printer admin =3D=20
    force user =3D=20
    force group =3D=20
    read only =3D Yes
    acl check permissions =3D Yes
    acl group control =3D Yes
    acl map full control =3D Yes
    create mask =3D 0744
    force create mode =3D 00
    security mask =3D 0777
    force security mode =3D 00
    directory mask =3D 0755
    force directory mode =3D 00
    directory security mask =3D 0777
    force directory security mode =3D 00
    force unknown acl user =3D No
    inherit permissions =3D No
    inherit acls =3D No
    inherit owner =3D No
    guest only =3D No
    administrative share =3D No
    guest ok =3D No
    only user =3D No
    hosts allow =3D=20
    hosts deny =3D=20
    allocation roundup size =3D 1048576
    aio read size =3D 0
    aio write size =3D 0
    aio write behind =3D=20
    ea support =3D No
    nt acl support =3D Yes
    profile acls =3D No
    map acl inherit =3D Yes
    afs share =3D No
    smb encrypt =3D auto
    block size =3D 1024
    change notify =3D Yes
    directory name cache size =3D 100
    kernel change notify =3D Yes
    max connections =3D 0
    min print space =3D 0
    strict allocate =3D No
    strict sync =3D No
    sync always =3D No
    use sendfile =3D No
    write cache size =3D 0
    max reported print jobs =3D 0
    max print jobs =3D 1000
    printable =3D No
    printing =3D cups
    cups options =3D=20
    print command =3D=20
    lpq command =3D %p
    lprm command =3D=20
    lppause command =3D=20
    lpresume command =3D=20
    queuepause command =3D=20
    queueresume command =3D=20
    printer name =3D=20
    use client driver =3D No
    default devmode =3D Yes
    force printername =3D No
    printjob username =3D %U
    default case =3D lower
    case sensitive =3D Auto
    preserve case =3D Yes
    short preserve case =3D Yes
    mangling char =3D ~
    hide dot files =3D Yes
    hide special files =3D No
    hide unreadable =3D Yes
    hide unwriteable files =3D No
    delete veto files =3D No
    veto files =3D=20
    hide files =3D=20
    veto oplock files =3D=20
    map archive =3D Yes
    map hidden =3D No
    map system =3D No
    map readonly =3D yes
    mangled names =3D Yes
    store dos attributes =3D No
    dmapi support =3D No
    browseable =3D Yes
    access based share enum =3D No
    browsable =3D Yes
    blocking locks =3D Yes
    csc policy =3D manual
    fake oplocks =3D No
    locking =3D Yes
    oplocks =3D Yes
    level2 oplocks =3D Yes
    oplock contention limit =3D 2
    posix locking =3D Yes
    strict locking =3D Auto
    share modes =3D Yes
    dfree cache time =3D 0
    dfree command =3D=20
    copy =3D=20
    preexec =3D=20
    preexec close =3D No
    postexec =3D=20
    root preexec =3D=20
    root preexec close =3D No
    root postexec =3D=20
    available =3D Yes
    volume =3D=20
    fstype =3D NTFS
    set directory =3D No
    wide links =3D Yes
    follow symlinks =3D Yes
    dont descend =3D=20
    magic script =3D=20
    magic output =3D=20
    delete readonly =3D No
    dos filemode =3D No
    dos filetimes =3D Yes
    dos filetime resolution =3D No
    fake directory create times =3D No
    vfs objects =3D=20
    msdfs root =3D No
    msdfs proxy =3D=20

    comment =3D Home Directories
    valid users =3D %S=2C %D%w%S
    read only =3D No
    create mask =3D 0600
    directory mask =3D 0700
    inherit acls =3D Yes
    browseable =3D No
    browsable =3D No

    comment =3D SMB Print Spool
    path =3D /var/spool/samba
    guest ok =3D Yes
    printable =3D Yes
    browseable =3D No
    browsable =3D No

    path =3D /data/samba/sysvol
    read only =3D No

    comment =3D Network Logon Service
    path =3D /data/samba/sysvol/foobar.tld/scripts
    read only =3D No
    guest ok =3D Yes
    browseable =3D No
    browsable =3D No
    locking =3D No

    path =3D /data/samba/profiles
    read only =3D No
    create mask =3D 0777
    directory mask =3D 0777
    guest ok =3D Yes
    profile acls =3D Yes
    browseable =3D No
    browsable =3D No
    csc policy =3D disable

    comment =3D share to test samba
    path =3D /data/documents
    valid users =3D @grupo3
    read only =3D No

    path =3D /data/sys
    read only =3D No
    inherit permissions =3D Yes
    guest ok =3D Yes
    dos filemode =3D Yes

    path =3D /data/RegLPZ
    read only =3D No
    inherit permissions =3D Yes
    guest ok =3D Yes
    dos filemode =3D Yes

    comment =3D Printer Drivers
    path =3D /var/lib/samba/drivers
    write list =3D root=2C chrisr

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