[Samba] Mapping usernames

GARCIA CABALLERO Jordi Jordi.GARCIA at oami.europa.eu
Tue Sep 29 01:30:06 MDT 2009

Dear all


I am trying to configure samba username map file in order to map the
same user from a windows domain to 2 different unix users:


Map to = map from


bea = PRODUCTION\garcijo

mpcadmin = PRODUCTION\garcijo


but only works for the first map in the map file. When I try to use a
share with permissions for mpcadmin unix user, I realize that smbd takes
the first map (bea user) and then it makes the authentication with the
user PRODUCTION\garcijo. Then it checks whether user bea has permissions
to the that share which it is not and it eventually fails. I try to put
exclamation mark at the beginning of the map but it does not work


I did not find any way to fix it. Any ideas? Any workaround?


Any help will be much appreciated.




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