[Samba] Can't Join Domain "The User name cannot be found"

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Sun Sep 27 18:50:26 MDT 2009

> I disconnected the machine from the network (unplugged the cable). I
> changed the SID, removed the machine accounts from the Domain and
> from the client machine. Restarted tha Samba Daemons. I renamed the
> Client then shutdown the client. I reconnected the network cable and
> restarted the client machine.

Can you confirm that the client machine was actually taken off the
domain?  i.e. you had to specify a workgroup.

> I think have some kind of problem with authenticating the Domain
> Administrator account.I don't understand the error message; "The User
> name cannot be found" According to Microsoft this means the account
> does not exist. But every tool I have says both the administrator
> account and the machine account is there.
> If I put in a bogus user name or password I get an different error
> message "Unknown user name or bad password."

Given the different error with a bogus password I would guess that your
domain username is correct.  One thing with error messages is that they
may occur in a completely different context to what you're expecting, so
you need to be open about what it might mean by "user" (especially as
computers also have usernames in AD.)

However if the machine is definitely off the domain, it would seem that
this isn't the problem...

What happens if you create a machine account in the domain with the same
name as the client PC before you add it?


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