[Samba] Print queue show jobs when queried from windows, nothing in cups

William Marshall bmarsh at us.ibm.com
Fri Sep 25 15:47:39 MDT 2009

John H Terpstra - Samba Team <jht at samba.org> wrote on 09/25/2009 04:27:59 

> On 09/25/2009 03:30 PM, William Marshall wrote:
> > We have a print server running RHEL 4, w/ samba-3.0.33-0.15.el4
> > 
> > When viewed from windows, one queue on the system has the "remains" of 
> > print jobs - some dating back to April, but I can't find where the 
> > information is coming from. Apparently the jobs print fine, but then 
> > information sticks in the queue information.
> > 
> Suggest you check the CUPS printing directory (/var/spool/cups) for the
> presence of completed print job info.  If these exist:
> a) Remove them all, then restart CUPS.
> b) Edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf so it will delete completed print job info.

Thanks John for the pointers. I'd looked into those parms earlier, but the 
time range on the jobs in the queue didn't match the time range of the 
files in /var/spool/cups, so I'd not updated PreserveJobHistory to No.

But since it can't hurt, I just updated PreserveJobHistory to No, and rm'd 
the files (there were 500, just like I'd expect from MaxJobs 500).

I still have "junk" in one of my queues, the other 162 seem fine.


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